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Kyle Matthew Drexler, 

Upon graduating Elon University in 2007, I was employed as an editor at SAIC, a defense contractor in Washington, D.C. I was trained in documentary and narrative filmmaking and participated as a AC/DIT in productions that dealt with sensitive and intimate subject matter. I edited films on casualty notification, suicide prevention, sexual assault, and behavioral health. These films were then distributed by the Department of Defense to all active duty servicemembers. I traveled overseas on assignments for the U.S. Army and collected feedback and useful information on weaponry, body armor and other experimental tactical systems. In 2012, I joined in a partnership with 3 other filmmakers and started a production company called Wandering Hat. We successfully created content for brands like Infiniti, MasterCard, European Wax Center, Honest Tea, Sweetgreen, and Cava Grill. During this partnership, I expanded my skills further into grading, sound design and visual effects. This post-production experience was critical in developing my skills with the camera. Since 2016, I have operated my own company and continued to serve digital content for brands, organizations, and documentaries.

Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Other passions: motorsports, rafting, cycling, skiing, drums
Favorite movie: Where Eagles Dare
Favorite doc: Into Great Silence



mobile: +1 (703) 344-4715

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